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Here are some old Photos you might enjoy


Australia 1968

I visited the Sydney, Australia area in 1968 during a "vacation" from Vietnam.  The slides are old and faded, but show the city as it was.  You will find the Opera House as it is being built among other things.  I enjoyed this place more than any other I have been to since.




I have visited various places in Mexico several times.  Most of these slides were taken around Cancun in the early 1980's when it was fairly small, and not at all a "spring break" destination.


Rob and Linda's Wedding

Just a few years ago my brother Rob married the lovely Linda.  OK, these fall into the category of family pictures, but it gives my family a reason to visit my website.


Miscellaneous Unrelated Photos

Most of these photos fall into the category of things unrelated to other things.


More to come